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Selected Doctoral Dissertations

Huang, Ran (2017). “Online Platforms as Consumer Service Channels: Roles of Retailer Response Types and Audience Power”

Brewer, Cherry (2017). “The Impact of Restaurant Review Website Attributes on Consumer’s Internal States and Behavioral Responses”

Kim, Sunhwa (2017). “Understanding Frontline Employees’ Work Attitude and Behavior: Combining Theory of Implicit-Beliefs and Job Demand-Resources (JD-R) Model”

Kaewnopparat, Justin (2017). “The Impact of Photography on Tourism: Photography Construction Perspective”

Kim,Seeun (2016). “The impacts of regulatory focus and temporal distance on the evaluation of online consumer reviews”

Doss, Melanie (2016). “Excessive Acquisition: What is it? What Makes it Happen?”

Song, Soyoung (2016). “Modeling the consumer acceptance of retail service robots”

Koo, Wanmo (2014). “Online Store Atmospherics: Development of a Gender-Neutral Measure”

Kim, Yunhee (2014). “Dissertation: Organic Food Consumption: Application of the Means-End Theory”

Daniell, Robert (2013). ” SEC Away Game Consumption: The Roles of Motives, Subcultural Identification, Contextual Dimensions and Destination Image in Sport Tourism”

Line, Nathaniel (2013). ” Multiple Stakeholder Market Orientation: A Conceptualization and Application in the Field of Destination Marketing”

Park, Hyejune (2012). “The Role of Social Network Websites in the Consumer-Brand Relationships”.

Kumar, Archana (2010). “The Effect of Store Environment on Consumer Behavior in the Context of Single-Brand Apparel Retailers”.

Bhardwaj, Vertica (2010). “Consumption of Counterfeit Brands in U.S: Application of Theory of Planned Behavior”

Wilhoit, Sarah (2009). “Evaluation of and Behavior Toward the Visual Retail Environment: Functions of Consumers’ Visual Aesthetic Sensitivity”

Lim, Chae-Mi (2009). “Luxe-Bargain Shopping: Consumer Orientations, Perceived Values, Satisfaction, and Future Intentions ”

Poisson, Donetta (2009). “The Relationship among Tourist Motivations, Winery Festival Destination Performance, Overall Satisfaction, and REPatronage Intentions for Patrons of On-site Winery Festivals”

Jahn, Warren (2008). “Revenue Management Concept Training: Its Efficacy as an Intervention Methodology for Hotel Front Desk Employees and Hotel Managers”

Smith, Eva (2008). “Relationships between High School Students’ Perception of Teacher Effectiveness, Attitudes towards Hospitality and Intent to Select Hospitality as a Career”

Atkins, Kelly (2008). “The Smart Shopping Construct: Scale Development and Validation”

Lee, Hyunjoo (2008). “Technology-Based Self-Service Kiosks in Retailing: An Optional Channel for Service Delivery”

Lee, Min-Young (2007). “Bidding as a Shopping Experience: The Impact of Consumer Characteristics and Hedonic Shopping Motivations on Shopping Values in Online Auctions Influencing Consumer Preference and Intentions”

Fogle, Alycia (2007). “The Influence of Atmospherics On Consumer Perceptions of Service Quality, Merchandise Price, and Merchandise Quality Influencing Behavioral Intentions: A Retailing Study of Outlet Malls”

Kim, Hye-Young (2007). “Toward Customer Love: Investigating the Antecedents and Outcomes of Satisfied Customers’ Emotional Attachments to Retailers”

Smith, Sylvia (2007). “Analysis of Tourists Attending a Culinary Event: Motivations, Satisfaction, and Behavioral Outcomes”