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Rural Retail Development Training

Learn to grow. Center for Rural Retail Development provides educational programs and technical assistance to small business owners in rural communities in the Southeast region. Our mission is to provide small business owners with educational opportunities to improve economic sustainability by delivering a set of tools for real-life learning and problem solving, strengthen local economic development and social resilience, and enhance the quality of life in rural communities.

Educational Programs to Thrive through the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Looking to build entrepreneur leadership, agility and resiliency to support your business during the COVID-19 pandemic? In this program, you’ll learn about new and adjusted consumer behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic and skills to build post-pandemic safeguard against future turbulence. A series of videos will help you to understand the new shopping trends and consumer behavior, crisis and contingency planning, agile and resilient leadership.

Learning objectives

  • To identify post-pandemic consumer behavior and trends and what the new and adjusted consumer means to small businesses
  • To build knowledge of crisis and contingency planning components
  • To develop and implement a crisis and contingency plan
  • To enhance entrepreneur leadership, agility and resiliency

Follow this link to view the video training

There is no cost to attend but preregistration is required. Register online at: (a link). Please contact Dr. Michelle Childs ( or Dr. Heejin Lim ( if you need further information.

Funded by: USDA Rural Business Development Program