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HRT students at Audacity festival

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Mission Statement

Our Hospitality and Tourism Management’s (HTM) mission is to empower
curious, innovative leaders who advocate for an equitable workforce and
landscape, and curate transformational experiences for individuals,
communities, and the global society within hospitality and tourism.

The core values that guide our HTM Program’s interactions with students,
parents, alumni, professionals, faculty, staff, administrators, advisory council
members, and the community involve:

  • Fostering empathy and curiosity
  • Promoting leadership and innovation
  • Advocating for equity, justice, and inclusion
  • Creating critical and creative leaders
  • Building community and Co-Collaboration
  • Inspiring passion
  • Promoting sustainable communities
  • Encourage interdisciplinarity scope of work, research, and collaborative experiences

HTM 102 Introduction to Travel and Tourism
HTM 150 Career Planning
HTM 210 Foodservice Operations Management
HTM 211 Leading and Managing Hotels and Resorts
HTM 212 Event Planning and Design
HTM 311 Talent Management in Hospitality and Retailing
HTM 326 Cost Controls in Hospitality and Tourism Operations
HTM 361 Customer Service
HTM 390 Leadership and Managing Corporate Culture
HTM 410 Sensory Branding and Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism Management
HTM 425 Legal Issues in Service Management
RMM 341 Consumers in the Global Marketplace
HTM 492 Professional Experience

HTM Electives (choose four):

HTM 101 Principles and Science of Culinary Arts
HTM 225 Principles of Baking and Pastry Arts
HTM 299 Beverage Management
HTM 312 Wedding Planning and Design
HTM 335 Advanced Foodservice Techniques and Applications
HTM 435 Advanced Event Planning and Design
HTM 445 Restaurant and Catering Management and Execution
HTM 450 Hotel Development and Analytics
HTM 484 Critical Sustainable Tourism
RMM 411 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
RMM 412 Digital Retailing
HTM 440 Special Topics
HTM 494 Directed Study – Faculty-led Study Abroad

Link to Catalog

Students should apply for progression into the major after completing at least three of the following HTM 102*, HTM 210, HTM 211, HTM 212. Applications for progression are available in the departmental office.

For progression into the major, students must meet the following criteria.

Cumulative grade point average 2.3 or greater for at least 30 semester hours completed.
Grade of C or better in all hospitality and tourism management prefix courses.
Successful completion of ENGL 101* and ENGL 102*.
Complete 300 post-secondary school hours of industry related work for the chosen major. A complete list of appropriate work experiences is available in the departmental office.
For graduation, students must earn a grade of C or better in all hospitality, and tourism management courses.

Studying abroad is a priority for the HTM Program. Taking approved courses abroad transfer back and count toward graduation. We encourage and assist you with taking semesters or summers abroad. In addition, HTM does faculty-led programs, which are very popular! Two examples are:

Global Tourism & Fashion Retailing in Dublin – Summer 2023
Customer Service in Spain (Seville, Spain) – Summer 2019

Previous faculty-led trips include visits to: Italy, France, The Netherlands, Prague, Berlin, Krakow, London, Paris, and Costa Rica.

UT Programs Abroad website:

If you have questions about the HTM minor, please email Christopher Kelley,