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Headshot of Stefanie Benjamin

Stefanie Benjamin

Associate Professor



My research agenda lies within the nexus of social equity, disruption of dominant ideologies, and critical tourism scholarship exploring marginalized populations’ lived experiences and counter narratives. I’m interested in producing and promoting social advocacy while amplifying underrepresented voices within the tourism and event/festival landscape through practice, research, and education. As a certified qualitative researcher, I design research studies using innovative and creative methodologies inclusive of collective storytelling, visual/arts-based methodologies, (auto/duo) ethnography, and community-focused collaboration. This research falls under the umbrella of Tourism RESET where I serve as the Co-Director and Research Fellow collaborating with industry leaders like Black Travel Alliance and NOMANDNESS Travel Tribe. Lastly, I curate and facilitate improvisational theater workshops and courses to help enhance empathetic listening, critical thinking, and creative skill development.

Curriculum Vitae


Classes Offered:

    • HTM 212 Event Planning & Design
    • HTM 435 Advanced Event Planning & Design
    • HTM 312 Wedding Planning & Design
    • HTM 440 Blissful Wish Wedding
    • HTM 410 Strategic Marketing in Hospitality & Tourism
    • HTM 484 Critical Sustainable Tourism
    • RHTM 604 Introduction to Qualitative Research Methodologies in RHTM
    • RHTM 560 Graduate Seminar
    • UNHO 101 Keeping It Real: Applying Soft Skills and Mindfulness
    • UNHO 101 Improv(e) You: Learning Improvisation Techniques to Enhance Creativity


Headshot of Stefanie Benjamin

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