Jeanie Lim

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

My primary research interest is consumer behavior in the computer-mediated environment, such as e-commerce, m-commerce, and social media. I have conducted research on e-store image, consumer loyalty decisions in the mobile services context, and consumer lifestyles in consumption of high-technology products. My current research projects include consumer-brand relationship in social medial platforms, consumption communities, and consumer culture in the postmodern era.

Selected Publications

Lim, Heejin and Jee-Sun Park (2013). The effects of national culture and cosmopolitanism on consumers’ adoption of innovation: a cross-cultural comparison, Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 25 (1), 16-28.

Park, Hyejune, Heejin Lim, and Youn-Kyung Kim (2013). Experiential value: Application to innovative consumer technology products, Journal of Customer Behaviour, 12 (1), 7-24.

Sneed, Christopher T., Rodney Runyan, Jane L. Swinney, and Heejin Lim (2011). Brand, Business Mix, and Sense of Place: Do They Matter Downtown? Journal of Place Management and Development, 4 (2), 121-134.

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Lim, Heejin and Alan J. Dubinsky (2005). Determinants of Consumers’ Purchase Intention on the Internet: An Application of Theory of Planned Behavior, Psychology & Marketing, 22 (10), 833-855.

Recent Conference Presentations

Heejin Lim, and Michelle Childs (2016). “Brand Storytelling on Instagram: How Do Pictures Travel to Millennial Consumers’ Minds?” will be presented in the 2016 ITAA conference, Vancouver, Canada.

Heejin Lim, and Melanie Doss (2016). “Life is a Theater: Dramaturgical Approach to Self in Online Social Networking,” presented in the AMA 2016 Winter Marketing Educators’ conference, Las Vegas, NV.

Heejin Lim, and Melanie Doss (2015). “Postmodern Self and Self-Presentation in Online Social Networks” presented in the 2015 ACR Asia Pacific conference, Hong Kong.

Kiwon Lee, and Heejin Lim (2015). “Facebook Me Right: Uses and Gratifications of Facebook Brand Pages between Restaurant and Retail Customers” presented in the 2015 WHTER & ICES Conference, Seoul, South Korea.

Jewon Lyu, and Heejin Lim (2014). “Fashion Philanthropy and Customer Collaboration for Millennial Consumers: The Case of TOMS” presented in the 2014 ITAA conference, Charlotte, NC.