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Headshot of Jeanie Lim, PhD

Heejin (Jeanie) Lim

Associate Professor


My primary research interest is consumer behavior in the computer-mediated environment. I love studying consumer behavior and consumer culture because it helps to understand who we are and how the marketplace and its offerings can influence the quality of our lives. My current research involves information processing and consumer-brand relationships through digital space (e.g., social media platforms), consumption communities, and the consumer movement. I also have a passion for teaching fashion and culture, consumer behavior, retail analytics, and digital retailing.

Curriculum Vitae


Classes Offered:

  • RCS 225       Fashion & Culture
  • RCS 376       Customer Relationship Management and Retail Analytics
  • RHTM 641   Consumer Behavior
  • RCS 412        Digital Retailing


Headshot of Jeanie Lim, PhD

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