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Every Step of the Way

Do you find that you have to much produce and not enough kitchen space, or are the kids keeping you busy and your produce is going bad before you can do something with it? The University of Tennessee Preservation Kitchen is your answer.


We won’t grow the produce for you, but we will help you savebasket of garden vegetables it. If you have your own garden, big or small we can help you preserve it, or if you stock up at the farmers market we can help there too. We have the expertise to help save even the small batches of fruits or the bushels of green beans. You pick it, bring it in to the kitchen, wash, trim, and can all in one day.


Our fully stocked kitchen has all the equipment needed to get the job done in half the time. We have the capabilities to can multiple batches at a time, dehydrate large batches at one time, or freeze the largest of batches in our walk-in freezer. All we need is you, your produce and your canning jars.


Not only will we be cooking in the kitchen, we will have expert guest speakers that will provide in-depth lessons on the many way’s to grow, harvest and preserve your harvest.

Who & What

The Preservation Kitchen will be open to anyone who wants to preserve jars of preserved fruit
their harvest. We have limited space available, so time slots must be reserved. You will be able to make sauces, relishes, jelly’s, jams, krauts, anything pickled, or dehydrated. We are not a licensed manufacturer so items may not be packaged for resale. Register for The Preservation Kitchen here to secure your time slot.

Photo of Joseph BlauveltJoseph Blauvelt
UT Culinary Institute
2712 Neyland Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996