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Youn-Kyung Kim, Ph.D.


Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

My research focuses on consumer experiences with specific emphasis on hedonic and utilitarian aspects of consumption and consumer efficiency.  These subjects have been incorporated into ethnic consumers, mall shopping behavior, non-store retailing, tourist shopping, and international retailing.


Kim, Y-K., Sullivan, P., & Forney, J. (2007). Experiential retailing: Concepts and strategies that sell. New York: Fairchild Publication.

An innovative and interdisciplinary approach to what consumers' desires today, Experiential Retailing provides concepts and strategies on the 'total consumer experience'. - Experiental Retailing: Concepts and Strategies that Sell

Selected Publications

Kim, Y-K., Lee, M., & Park, S. Shopping value orientation: Conceptualization and measurement. Journal of Business Research, in press.


Beckman, E., Kumar, A., & Kim, Y-K. The Impact of brand experience on downtown success. Journal of Travel Research, 52(5), 646–658.

Cho, E., & Kim, Y-K. (2012). The effects of website designs, self-congruity, and flow on Behavioral intention. International Journal of Design, 6(2), 31-39.

Lim, C., & Kim, Y-K. (2011). Older consumers' TV home shopping: Loneliness, parasocial interaction, and perceived convenience. Psychology & Marketing, 28(8), 763-780.

Bhardwaj, V., Kumar, A., & Kim, Y-K. (2010) Analyses of U.S. and local brands in india: The Case of Levi's. Journal of Global Marketing, 23(1), 80-94.

Kumar, A., Lee, H., & Kim, Y-K. (2009). Indian Consumers' Purchase Intention toward a

United States versus local brand. Journal of Business Research, 62(5), 521-527.

Kim, H., & Kim, Y-K., (2008) Receptivity to advertising messages and desired shopping

Values. Journal of Marketing Communications, 14(5), 367-385.

Kim, H., Kim Y-K ., Jolly, L., & Fairhurst, A. (2007).  Satisfied Customers' love toward retailers:  A cross-product exploration. Advances in Consumer Research, 35, 507-515.

Lee, M., Atkins, K., Kim, Y-K., & Park, S. (2006). Competitive analyses between regional malls and big-box retailers: A correspondence analyses for segmentation and positioning. Journal of Shopping Center Research, 13(1) 81-98.

Kim, Y-K., Kang, J., & Kim, M. (2005). The relationships among family and social interaction, loneliness, mall shopping motivation, and mall consumption of older consumers. Psychology & Marketing, 22(12), 995-1015.

Kim, E. & Kim, Y-K. (2004). Predicting online purchase intentions for clothing products. European Journal of Marketing. 38(7), 883-896.

Kim, Y-K., Kim, E., & Kang, J.K. (2003). Teens' mall shopping motivations: Functions of loneliness and media usage. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 32(2), 140-167.

Kim, Y-K. (2002). Consumer value: An application to mall and Internet shopping. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management. 30(12), 595-602.

Kim, Y-K., & Kang, J. K. (2001). The effects of ethnicity and product on purchase decision making.  Journal of Advertising Research, 41(2), 39-48.

Kim, Y-K., & Lee, J.K. (2000). Benefit segmentation of catalog shoppers among professionals.  Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 18(2), 11-120.

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